If you eat healthy most of the time, you don't have to worry about the rest of the time.

Veggie omelet w/ roasted red potatoes and onions

2 red potatoes
Onion slices
1 clove garlic (crushed/shredded)
2 tsp olive oil

For Omelet:
1-2 tsp olive oil
2 eggs (1 whole egg + white) per person
2-3 tbsp skim milk or 1 tbsp greek yogurt (Creamy omelet)

1. Cook filling ingredients for omelete on medium heat for a few minutes.
2. Scramble eggs in a bowl.
3. Remove fillings and add eggs to pan. Give a little scramble for fluffy eggs until the eggs begin to stick.
4. Flip omelet and cook other side.
5. Add fillings and top with a little fresh shredded cheese.

For potatoes:
1. Cook potatoes in microwave for 3-4 min. until semi-soft. Cut into cubes.
2. On a non stick pan on medium heat, add oil and garlic.
3. Add potatoes and cook for 8-10 min. or until golden brown.
4. Around 4-5 min, add onion slices and toss.
5. Add your choice of non-salt seasonings (I used marjoram, pepper, Italian herbs and basil)

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