If you eat healthy most of the time, you don't have to worry about the rest of the time.

Go-to veggie-soup

Any chopped veggies you choose (mushrooms, chickpeas, beans, corn, onions, green peppers)
2 small red potatoes (diced). *you can also use frozen cubed hasbrowns (unseasoned)
1/4 cup egg noodles (not cooked)
3 diced Roma tomatoes
1 can low sodium vegetarian vegetable soup (for the flavor)
Vegetarian crumbles or veggie burger
1/2 tbsp. olive oil

1. Fill up a large pot w/ 2 cups water. Add can of soup and olive oil. (be sure factor in adding your veggies before adding in the water. If you want more of a stew, add less water).
2. Turn burner to medium heat.
3. Add veggies, tomatoes, noodles and potato to soup.
4. Add vegetarian meat (I recommend the Boca crumbles, about a cup).
5. Cook for about 12- 15min. Stir occasionally and check veggies to make sure everything is cooked.
6. Add chili flakes, pepper and garlic (fresh) for seasoning.
7. Top w/ a little cheese.

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