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Spaghetti w/ Kale

I received a beautiful batch of fresh produce from my community nutrition preceptor. She sure does know me well. I don't know many people that get SO excited about fresh fruits and vegetables. Well, I guess you (my blog reader) and I should feel lucky that we have learned to develop a love for fresh and wholesome food.
Karel and I both had pretty intense workouts last Thurs. I did a 5 mile interval/tempo workout on the treadmill (after a 30 min warm-up on the elliptical) which included 5 x 2 min @ 1% incline @ 8.8 mph, with 3 min @ 7.5mph. My run workouts have been so enjoyable over this winter partly because I am cross training (using the elliptical and water jogging) and mixing in swimming, biking and weight training. I'm really excited for the Jax 1/2 marathon next Sun. It will be my first half marathon in 2 years! Wow, I've done 3 half ironman's and 2 Ironman's since 2008 but yet to do a solo half marathon. I'd love a PR but more than anything, I plan to cross the finish line smiling..knowing that I am training for races as a injury-free, balanced athlete.
So after my run workout, Karel joined me at the Y (after he ran 2 miles to get there) for a plyometric session. I took it a little easy on my legs but still enjoyed some box jumps, bosu plyo's, walking lunges, push-ups and core exercises. Karel is experienced at Plyo's but it took him a bit of time to get to that level. I recommend plyo's for all athletes but taking into consideration that every individual is different and we all have different fitness levels. After our workout, I drove home to get ready for a day of interning at a Nursing Home and Karel ran home 2 miles to soak his legs in Epson Salt.

What better than to make a comforting meal rich in vitamins and minerals. Not sure about you, but there is nothing "unhealthy" about this pasta dish. Enjoy!

Spaghetti with Kale
1 serving whole wheat pasta (per person)
Broccoli (about 1 cup per person)
Kale (a lot of it)
Garlic (2 cloves, chopped)
Sea Salt - optional for Kale
Olive oil - about 2 tbsp
Marinara Sauce

1. Put non-stick pan on medium to low heat and add garlic and olive oil.
2. When garlic begins to turn golden brown, add kale. Be sure that your heat is not too high as to cook the Kale too quickly.
3. Cook the Kale, tossing occasionally, until it begins to crisp (about 10-15 min). Add a tiny pinch of sea salt (more potent than table salt so a little goes a long way).
4. While Kale is cooking, heat pot of water for pasta. When boiling, put in pasta and turn down heat. Cook pasta to your liking.
5. After water is boiling, add broccoli with your pasta.
6. Spoon marinara sauce into shallow dish and add about 1/4 or 1/3 cup pasta, broccoli and kale.

*I also made homemade croutons for the pasta. It seems like bread sticks or bread always go with pasta so I took an old baguette and cut it into small cubes and tossed it with the marinara sauce prior to adding the pasta, kale and broccoli.

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  1. How do you measure one serving of pasta when you're cooking the whole box? Isn't the serving size a dry measurement?